Trailing hounds trained for jaguar capture


Known to have the best nose among breeds of hounds, the Bloodhound is used by the police and one of its traditional uses is to follow human tracks. It is one of the ancestors of the Brazilian Fila. The Bloodhounds are extremely docile and loyal to their owners. They are persistent in tracking their hunt. Intelligent, they respond quickly to training. Use of the breed: companionship, tracking, police and hunting. Height: 64-72 cm, male; 58-66 cm, female. Weight: 40-44 kg. The predominant color is black with brown spots, but there are animals with a red color (liver) without spots. Their fur is dense, with hairs of mid-long length.

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Redbone coonhound

This breed is adaptable to different temperatures and rugged terrains. The Redbones are cheerful hounds that get along well with people. They have a hunting instinct and are easily trained for hunting. They are extremely agile and accustomed to hunting in groups. Origin: United States. Use of the breed: Hunting and companionship. Mean height 53-66 cm and weight between 23-32 kg. The color pattern is red. The fur is dense and short. This breed was selected from the American foxhound and is very used for hunting fox, pumas and bears in the United States. They are known for bravery, persistence in the hunt and physical stamina.

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American english coonhound

Originated from the English Foxhound this breed was crossed in the United States to adapt it to more difficult terrains. Originally this breed was selected for the hunting of fox during the day and for raccoon at night. Years of selection produced an agile, aggressive and fast lineage, with an athletic body and well-defined musculature. Still, the breed is known by its high and continuous bark. In average the breed is between 50 and 68 cm high and weighs between 22 and 34 kg. The mid-length dense fur may vary in color from red and white with small reddish spots, to blue and white with blue, or white and black spots. Animals of this breed are alert, trustable and sociable with people. They are hunters by instinct.

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American foxhound

This breed was developed based on the English Foxhound, but they are faster with high energy and lighter bones. They were used for the hunting fox in very large groups. The potent bark gave it the nickname of “roarer” in Brazil (it was largely imported in the 40s). It is maybe the most popular hunting breed in Brazil, where it is used principally to the kill feral pigs, tapirs and jaguars. Origin: United States. Use of the breed: hunting and companionship. Height: 56-63 cm, male, and 53-61, female. It has mid-short length fur that is tricolored: Brown-black-white.

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Smelling hound trained for the localization of jaguar scats

Belgian Malinois (Belgian Shepherd dog)

The Malinois is considered to be the oldest of the Belgian Shepherd family. It is the first breed that had a more systematic breeding program, with the mission to protect and herd sheep. The Guiness’s Book of Records notes that it is best sent dog. The Malionois is an affectionate and loyal companion, with a high intelligence and capacity to learn. An extremely energetic animal, this breed is built for work, with its determination, courage and high resistance to fatigue. Origin: Belgium. Use of the breed: shepherd, drug smell, etc. Height: 61 – 66 cm, male, and 56 – 61 cm female. Weight: up to 28 kg. Its fur is very short around the ears and legs and is a longer on the rest of the body. Its color varies between red, brown and grey.

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