The Amazon basin contains the largest tropical forest in the world and also contains the largest jaguar stronghold in the world. Covering about half of Brazil, this biome hosts 20% of the world’s bird and plant species, and 10% of all mammal species on earth.

From all 32 protected areas in the Amazon the Cantão State Park (CSP) was selected by the Jaguar Conservation Fund/Instituto Onca-Pintada as a jaguar monitoring site. Located along the Araguaia River, the CSP sits in a transition zone between the wooded grassland (savanna) of the Cerrado and the Amazon. For this reason species from both biomes can be found within the 90,000 hectares (222,394 acres) of this protected forest. Also, combined with the Araguaia National Park, the CSP adds to a regional string of protected areas comprising almost one million hectares (2,471,044 acres). This regional landscape is dominated by ranchland and therefore jaguar-rancher conflicts are frequent, creating a major threat to jaguars in and near these protected areas.