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The Jaguar Conservation Fund is a nonprofit organization that was founded in June of 2002 by a group of researchers dedicated to the study and conservation of the jaguar species.

The mission of the Jaguar Conservation Fund is “To promote the conservation of the jaguar, its natural prey and habitat throughout the species’ geographical range, as well as its peaceful coexistence with man, through research and conservation strategies”.

We seek to fulfill our mission by implementing systematic programs of scientific research throughout Brazil, along with creating and implementing conservation plans based on the scientific research. We also are committed to general conservation and biodiversity. The jaguar is an umbrella species – a species whose home range and habitat requirements are sufficiently broad that, if protected, numerous other species of smaller range will also be protected. By protecting the jaguar and its habitat, all other species of animals in the Brazilean biomes will benefit.

Your generosity will help make a difference for conservation of the jaguar. We are grateful for your donation!

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