Jaguar Ecology and Conservation in Emas National Park and Surrounding

The Jaguar Ecology and Conservation project in Emas National Park and surrounding areas has been implemented by researchers of the Jaguar Conservation Fund / Instituto Onça-Pintada since 1994. The main goal of the project is to identify and monitor ecological, epidemiological and genetics aspects of the regional jaguar population, and develop strategies for the management and conservation of the species in the area.

The activities to be developed during the project vary according to the selected period. The interns will have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of data collection that take place during the period of the internships. The intern is expected to treat all data-collecting activities with responsibility and seriousness.

Activities you will participate in:

  • Monitoring through radio telemetry;
  • Setting and checking camera traps;
  • Collecting scats with scat detector dogs;
  • Accompanying the Jaguaretê Kennel dog training.

Other activities:

  • Data input and processing – After each day’s field work, data is entered into the relevant JCF research database;
  • Daily activity report – A detailed report to be submitted within 2 weeks after the end of the internship.

Other Information

If you are interested in participating in this project, fill out the registration form and send it via email to: Guarantee your internship!