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Welcome to the Jaguar Conservation Fund

The Jaguar Conservation Fund (JCF) / Instituto Onça-Pintada (IOP) is a non-governmental organization dedicated exclusively to promoting the conservation of the jaguar, the largest cat of the Americas. Our mission is “To promote the conservation of the jaguar, its natural prey and habitat throughout the species’ geographical range, as well as its peaceful coexistence with man, through research and conservation strategies”. Founded in 2002, JCF currently develops and supports jaguar research and conservation projects in Brazil. Learn more about the jaguar and JCF’s work on the following pages!

Araguaia – Jaguar Corridor Project

In Central Brazil, the biggest threat to the jaguar is its isolation into small, fragmented populations. This project intends to create a dispersal corridor connecting jaguar populations residing along the Araguaia River.

Jaguar Long Term Monitoring Program

Since 2002, this project has focused on jaguar population dynamics.

Jaguaretê Kennel

The JAGUARETÊ Kennel was founded in 2003. Its goal is to breed and train hounds to be used in scientific studies of jaguars in the wild.

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One of Jaguar Conservation Fund / Instituto Onça-Pintada objectives is to train professionals and students in field methods and techniques to study jaguars in the wild.