Wild jaguar euthanized in Arizona, USA

On the 2nd of March a wild jaguar was euthanized after being captured, released and recaptured by the Arizona Game and Fish Department. As azcentral.com related, the roughly about 16-year-old male was put down because of failing kidneys, but more precise information is expected from a necropsy currently completed at the Phoenix Zoo.

The jaguar known as Macho B was one of the few individuals registered in the United States over the last decades. Having been photographed by camera traps ever since 1996, he is believed to be the oldest wild jaguar in the world. When accidentally caught on February 18th in a snare set by the Arizona Game and Fish Department to capture black bears and cougars, he was anesthetized and fitted with a GPS collar to reveal information about movement and feeding behavior of the species. However, soon Macho B stopped moving and when recaptured by the worried researchers, he was in bad physical condition and had to be put down.

Conservationists called the death of Macho B a blow for recovery of the jaguar in the United States, where the species has become rare and today is restricted to individuals crossing the US-Mexican border into Arizona and New Mexico.

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